We demand the immediate release of Ahmed Samir Abdelhay Ali and an end to the persecution of students in Egypt.


The Global Student Forum joins the calls for the immediate release of Ahmed Samir Abdelhay Ali.

It was reported that Ahmed Samir Abdelhay Ali was unjustly arrested in Cairo on February 1, 2021. Ahmed Samir Abdelhay Ali is a graduate student of the Central European University in Vienna. This situation illustrates a wider pattern of the baseless prosecution of students such as Patrick Zaki, Walid al-Shobaky, and Giulio Regeni. We saw the worst effects of repression when the Italian researcher Giulio Regeni was killed in 2016 in Cairo. These events are unacceptable as they deny students their rights to pursue an education as well as infringe on their human rights. Of greater concern, the personal safety and well being of students are at risk when they are constantly under the threat of violence. 

The Global Student Forum strongly condemns the arbitrary arrests and attacks on students. We urge the Egyptian government to immediately and unconditionally release Ahmed Samir Abdelhay Ali.

Petition by the Austrian Student Union calling for his release: