Statement on the political situation in Myanmar

by | Feb 23, 2021 | Campaign, News, Statement

Statement on the political situation in Myanmar

10th of February 2021

In reaction to the most recent events of political violence in Myanmar, the Global Student Forum expresses its deepest concern over the situation developing in the country. The international students’ movement urgently demands the re-establishment of peaceful dialogue and non-violent confrontation.

The return to dialogue must be reinforced by a clear agreement securing the defense of democracy, currently under attack by the latest actions of the military power. Students all across the planet look at the coup with disappointment, viewing it as a betrayal of the people and another attempt to close the path to democracy for Myanmar. 

In these months we are witnessing the worst effects of the pandemic. Students are advocating for transparency and clear strategies to protect the population in Myanmar from further acts of violence and oppression. The latest internet shutdowns in the country bear testimony of the excessive censorship enforced by the perpetrators of this attack on democracy and the people, while the pandemic is raging and health care workers are on strike to raise awareness for a public health system that is not able to cope with the influx of COVID-19 infections. 

We look at a country heavily affected by the impact of multiple crises with students and learners of all ages suffering under the economic and political turmoil. The people of Myanmar deserve a recovery that respects human dignity and that allows them to look into the future with hope and not with fear.

The Global Student Forum strongly condemns the decision to arrest pro-democracy leaders and activists in the scope of the military coup. Reconciliation must grant full respect for human rights, individual freedoms, and democracy, forging and strengthening the needed institutional tools to avoid similar situations in the future. For this, we call for the immediate liberation of political prisoners without further retaliation for their action in defense of democracy, and we ask the international community to commit itself to the defense of human rights in the region and in every part of the world.

As students from every part of the planet, we are reaffirming our trust in popular sovereignty and commitment to the protection of constitutional values, currently at stake, including the division of power, and the respect of fundamental liberties.

The Steering Committee of the Global Student Forum