#AllmeansALL – UNESCO Eurasia Report on Inclusion and Education

by | Feb 24, 2021 | News, Past Events

2021 Central and Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia Report on Inclusion and Education: All means all

Co-hosted dialogue with the Global Student Forum (GSF), European Students Union (ESU) and Organising Bureau of European School Student Unions (OBESSU)


When:  04:00 PM CET, 01 March 2021 – 75 minute webinar
Where: Register here -> bit.ly/2021Eurasiastudentslaunch


Background Information

Building on the theme of the 2020 Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report on inclusion and education, the GEM Report alongside its partners the European Agency for Special Needs and Inclusive Education and the Network of Education Policy Centres launched the 2021 Central and Eastern Europe, Caucasus and Central Asia Report on inclusion.

Based on the approach of the 2020 GEM Report and the expertise of the partner organizations, the Report provides comparative analysis on inclusion and education for all learners regardless of background or ability across 30 countries. The Report provides evidence-based recommendations for governments and other key education stakeholders to strengthen inclusion and SDG 4 implementation in policies across the region.

The move towards inclusion will not happen without communities on board. Grassroots organizations and youth play an essential role in raising awareness about inclusion and acting as a watchdog to monitor government commitments for the right to inclusive education. Listening to students’ and communities’ views also brings many benefits when designing policies, yet they are rarely consulted. Aside from student councils in some countries, little evidence is found in the region of students’ voices being heard and issues addressed throughout the region.

The Report highlights the need to recognise young people and communities as partners for change in the implementation of Agenda 2030. Young people’s involvement, engagement and development in strengthening the foundations of inclusive education systems is an end in itself, as well as a means for young people to actively influence and shape education reforms.

Objectives of the event

To mark Zero Discrimination Day 2021 the GEM Report team and Global Student Forum will convene an interactive webinar on the findings and recommendations from the 2021 regional report. The event will spotlight the activities of young people across the region advocating to protect the rights of every child, including their right to go to school and learn regardless of who they are and where they live. These experiences will provide insights into the 3.7 million children across the region who are missing out on education and share promising youth led initiatives for change.
Participants will come up with a youth statement outlining ways they would like to be more engaged in designing and implementing inclusive education policies to present to national policy makers.

The format will include a presentation of the new 2021 regional report as well as smaller group discussions (in the breakout rooms) offering a deep dive into some of the key themes of the Report, with a particular focus also on challenges arising due to the COVID-19 pandemic.