Y20 Summit: A fair share for our future

by | Feb 24, 2021 | Past Events

In November 2020 over one hundred students, youth, activists, and leaders came together to speak truth to power and demand a fair share for our future from the 20 biggest economies of the world – The G20. This event was organised by the 100 Million Campaign in partnership with GSF. Supports and funding, for young people all over the world, is disproportionately low. Just 0.13% of COVID-19 response financing – predominantly announced by a handful of G20 Member States – has gone to multilateral funds to specifically support the most marginalised children and their families in lower-income countries. Most of the US$8 trillion announced will stay within the world’s richest countries, leaving tens of millions of children to face increased poverty, hunger, and exploitation.

Young people will be paying back the cost of government responses for decades to come. We are angry at the injustice that has seen so many billions go to major companies, and so little go to those who live on less than $2 a day. We are angry at the injustice that billions of citizens have no say in the global response to COVID-19.

Read the full outcomes document below

(EN) Youth Caucus Outcomes Document