GSF World Student Congress on International Women’s Day 2021

by | Mar 3, 2021 | News, Past Events

GSF World Student Congress on International Women’s Day 2021

will take place online, on the 8th of March from 06:00 – 08:00 pm CET

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The 8th of March marks International Women’s Day. Back in 1908, in New York, thousands of women went on strike and marched through the city to protest against poor working conditions. These demonstrations went on for more than a year and that’s why till today we keep on celebrating and honouring the fight of these women.

Throughout history and around the world there were multiple events crucial to the emancipation of women. They prove the willingness and commitment of women to keep fighting for a more equal and fair world for everyone. Women have been challenging their realities even when the consequences could have been death, humiliation or violence.

The Global Student Forum understands and honours the role of all women in social transformation by organising an event in which student leaders from all over the world will discuss the importance of education in the empowerment of women to share their experiences and knowledge to keep on changing the world. A world that will be fairer, more equal and accessible regardless of gender, sexuality, identity, class or race.

The GSF World Student Congress on International Women’s Day 2021 will take place online, on the 8th of March from 06:00 – 08:00 pm CET and features two panels.

  1. Roundtable of Women Student Leaders 

Education has proved to be an important tool in the promotion of equality and gender justice. Through education (from early childhood to tertiary level) many girls and women have been able to empower themselves and fight for their future both individually and collectively. The role of education is key in their empowerment, future prospects and self development. Educational institutions should acknowledge their pivotal role and foster these efforts through better funding.

Confirmed Speakers: Martina Darmanin (President: European Students Union), Dr. Maisha Reza (Chairperson: Commonwealth Student Association), Angel Warira (Secretary for Gender and International Relations: All-Africa Students Union), Alexandra Seybal (Board Member: Organising Bureau of European School Student Unions)

  1. High Level Panel: Policies made by and for Women

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the lives of learners globally, especially those of girls whose education has been additionally threatened by the unequal task of performing household duties instead of school work, adolescent pregnancy and experiences of violence. These issues hinder the progress of girls and women toward gender equality after decades of social changes to promote their equality in education. In this panel, we discuss critical policy interventions to address gender inequalities in education and the way forward for a just social and economic recovery.

Confirmed Speakers: Sadaf Jaffer (Mayor: Montgomery Township, New Jersey / Scholar: Princeton University), Alka Lamba (Former President: National Union of Students in India / Chairperson: Go India Foundation) Estefanía Veloz (Laywer and abortion rights actists, Mexico), Thatcher Loutin (President: Cave Hill Guild of Students Trinidad and Tobago)