Press Release – NUS Australia joins the Global Student Forum

by | Jul 29, 2021 | Membership Directory, News, Press releases

National Union of Students Australia joins the Global Student Forum

Global Student Forum, NUS Australia 

The Global Student Forum (GSF) welcomes the National Union of Students Australia (NUS Australia) into its membership. NUS Australia joins 196 student unions from 118 countries in the GSF, the worldwide umbrella organisation of democratic, independent and representative student governments.

“We are extremely happy to now have the voice of Australian students represented within the Global Student Forum. The pacific perspective needs to be understood and highlighted in the global discourse. We hope that with NUS Australia as a strong partner in the region we can intensify the cooperation with other students from countries in the Pacific.” said Amilcar Sanatan, Steering Committee member of the GSF. 

Zoe Ranganathan, President of the NUS, stated:

”NUS Australia is founded on the principles of collective action and aims to unite students from across the country to fight for their common interest. The GSF does just that. This is why we are incredibly humbled to join a global movement of student activists and look forward to contributing to international student unionism for years to come.”

About the Global Student Forum 

The Global Student Forum was founded by the All-Africa Students Union (AASU), Commonwealth Students’ Association (CSA), European Students’ Union (ESU), Organising Bureau of European School Student Unions (OBESSU), Organización Continental Latinoamericana y Caribeña de Estudiantes (OCLAE) and other national student organisations and movements. Through its membership, it currently represents 197 student unions from 119 countries.

The organisation is a platform for students and their movements to build networks and facilitate active solidarity through digital campaigns and on the ground action. Through cooperation, analysis and strategy it serves as a coordinator for targeted political action and advocacy efforts facilitated for and by students.

About the NUS Australia 

The NUS Australia was founded in 1987 to represent all post school students in Australia. They are a peak representative and advocacy body for almost 1 Million students. The NUS is established on the principles of student unionism and our primary objectives include amongst many others, working on the interests of students in quality of education, academic freedom, access to education, social security, health and welfare.

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