The Omicron Variant and the Impact to Education

by | Dec 9, 2021 | News, Statement

Today, 9th of December, The Global Student Forum launches a new paper to explain our position towards vaccine justice, the new variants and how the education agenda is being managed. 

The outbreak of Omicron, the new variant in the Covid-19 pandemic, is a further challenge that concerns not only a difficult health situation or a complex socio-economic framework, but also the role of Education, regarding secondary school, vocational education training institutes, and university students around the world, without forgetting all those who live the community dimension of the campus and, therefore, with a specific risk of infection. 

The Global Students Forum, the democratic, independent, and worldwide union of students  demands the attention of CSOs and NGOs, trade unions, national and international policymakers, to share an inclusive and long-term strategy that safeguards the education sector against possible closures and against restrictions that could be dangerous for people disadvantaged in society.

You can read the whole statement here: Vaccine Justice, Education & Omicron | public letter _ statement