UNESCO World Higher Education Conference 2022 GSF Policy Briefs

by | Apr 13, 2022 | News, Statement

The Global Student Forum launches the GSF-led transnational policy briefs that the GSF WHEC Working Group has prepared for the upcoming UNESCO World Higher Education Conference 2022, that will take place in Barcelona from the 18th to the 22nd of May. Inclusion in Higher Education, The Future of Higher Education, Impact of COVID-19 on Higher Education, Financing Higher Education, and Academic Mobility in Higher Education have been the topics on which the GSF team has been drafting the policy briefs as part of participating in and follow-up on the WHEC2022 activities, alongside with a global student declaration. The aim is to produce and share knowledge as well as promoting policy dialogue.

In five conferences held with the national unions of students from Europe, Africa, the Americas, Asia and Pacific; the Global Student Forum has been consulting via SWOT analysis (as initially proposed by UNESCO) on each conference theme and took thorough notes of the inputs received from more than 150 national union delegates in total. A drafting group composed of twenty student representatives from the different regions was subsequently formed and they have been intensively working to translate the contributions into policy briefs. These policy briefs were submitted to UNESCO on the 15th of March. The consultations furthermore inform a global student declaration addressing the conference and serving as a reference point for student union advocacy around WHEC 2022.