GSF Academy M2L6: “Higher Education Quality Assurance, Recognition and International Mobility”

by | May 17, 2022 | GSF ALA Recordings

The GSF Academy session that took place last Sunday, 15th of May, was titled “Higher Education Quality Assurance, Recognition and International Mobility” and was taught by Dr. Fernando Galán, the Consortium Manager of the Arqus European University Alliance.

This session discussed the main motivation for internationalising a higher education system or individual institution and how these vary between different stakeholders. It will also explore the interlinkages between international cooperation in higher education and mobility. Mobility is now often considered a key performance indicator of an individual higher education institution (HEI) or system and its attractiveness. The great importance given to mobility in higher education has coincided with the development of various tools to facilitate it. Mobility and recognition are closely interlinked, as a central aim is that this internationalisation mechanism will be a meaningful experience in the learning path of the students. Participants gained a greater understanding of how the first step in achieving a smooth recognition of the mobility periods or qualifications obtained abroad is building a considerable level of trust between different higher education systems.