Global Student Forum demands immediate release of Ahmed Samir Santawy

by | Jul 6, 2022 | Campaign, News, Press releases, Statement

Global Student Forum demands immediate release of Ahmed Samir Santawy

Free Ahmed Samir: GSF outraged by unjust ruling on Master student!


Egypt, 1st of February 2021: Ahmed Samir Santawy, an Anthropology Student of the Central European University, situated in Vienna (Austria) was arrested in Cairo, while visiting his family. Reasonings were publishing ‘’false news’’ on Social Media, when the real case was that his critical, feminist research has been a thorn in the eyes of the Al-Sisi Regime. 


After more than 18 months of imprisonment, where Ahmed already faced severe human rights violations, the ruling took place on the 4th of July, which happened to be Ahmed’s 31st birthday. The verdict , a three year prison sentence , is outrageous and unjust. 


We call upon all decision-makers to take action and demand immediate release of Ahmed Samir Santawy. He should be able to continue his studies, to experience human rights and moreover, be free, when the only thing he has done is take a critical approach and express his opinions. 


As the Global Student Forum, we once again emphasize the importance of academic freedom, and the observance of human rights – for scholars, but also for everyone and everywhere. Knowing that these human right violations are anything but new – hundreds of others are experiencing it similarly, as evidenced among others through the  public case of Patrick Zaki, we are continuing the fight for a just world.

The sentence of Ahmed is a mockery of justice and another example of the systematic attacks against freedom of thought and research in Egypt. 

We will continue to raise our voice to fight for his freedom. We plead to alll stakeholders in charge, in particular the United Nations, the European Union, the Austrian Government, and most importantly the Egyptian authorities to do the same.

In solidarity,

Global Student Forum Steering Committee                                                        07. July 2022





Download the full Statement here: Statement Ahmed Samir Santawy 07 July 2022