“Don’t Cut Our Future!” GSF panel for the People’s Global Summit

by | Jul 13, 2022 | News

On the 2nd of July, The Global Student Forum participated in the setting up of the People’s Global Summit: an international initiative on “Co-building a new Eco-Social world. Leaving No one behind” aimed at providing spaces for individuals and Civil Society Organisations to advance their ideas. The final purpose of the event was to outline a joint platform of engagement across different cultures, professional groups, and cultural perspectives. All contributors shaped the Global Values Declaration for a new Eco-Social World delivered to the United Nations High-Level Political Forum, creating a catalyst for further global awareness and actions on equality, eco-sustainability, and social inclusion.

In the frame of the Summit, we have organised a recorded keynote session and a live panel, Don’t Cut Our Future!, aimed at defining a joint contribution on the quantity and quality of investment in Education in the ‘new normal’ of the post-pandemic world, focusing on the priorities, the governance and the assessment tools, and the balance between public and private. We used the same motto of our 2021 campaign for the 17th of November to highlight a content that has been a specific angle tackled by one of our policy briefs (“Financing Higher Education”) towards the UNESCO 2022 World Higher Education Conference.  

Our speakers, facilitated by Ettore Bucci, our Research and Policy Advisor, with the support of Sofia Alonso WIlson, our Communication Assistant, were: 

  • Ellen Dixon, Global Student Forum
  • Falit Sijariya, StudoMatrix
  • Phumza Luthango, Global Campaign for Education
  • Andrei Frank, Lifelong Learning Platform