TES Side Event: Fostering Student Leadership and Transformational Teaching

by | Sep 14, 2022 | Events, News

United Nations Transforming Education Summit

GSF Side Event Fostering Student Leadership and Transformational Teaching


16th of September 12:00 – 13:00 NYT 

United Nations, Conference Room 7 

 Global Student Forum (co-lead), Global Campaign for Education (co-lead), Teach For All (co-lead), Teacher Task Force (co-lead)


Session Overview

An interactive and engaging dialogue among teachers, students and democratically elected leaders of their representative organizations, with a duration of 60 minutes. The session will advocate for the importance of a new student-centered vision for education through transformational teaching that focuses on both academic and sustainable development education and skills, which includes gender equality, climate change, and global citizenship. The conversation will aim to mobilize concrete actions by building on the calls by these often unheard voices in advocating for greater recognition of students and teachers from marginalized communities and representative organizations at all levels of the transformation process. It will also aim to reimagine the role of the teacher as a “transformer” both within and beyond the classroom and ignite a global movement for education with teachers, students and civil society organizations at the forefront.


  • Highlight the role of teachers and students as critical enablers of transformation both within and beyond the classroom. 
  • Share a new vision for education that puts students as well as education and skills for sustainable development at the center and highlights how teachers, students and representative unions are a key lever to get there. 
  • Amplify the often “unheard” voices of students, elected teacher and student representatives, in mobilizing action around and beyond theTransforming Education Summit and calling for greater recognition and representation of stakeholder engagement in education policy and governance at all levels.

Moderator and Panelists 

Moderator: Alexandra Seybal (GSF and Organizing Bureau of European School Student Unions)

  • Antonia Wulff Director of Research, Policy & Advocacy, Education International (Europe)
  • Daniela González Castro, Teach For All Global Network Ambassador and teacher (Mexico)
  • Paola Parra Leggs, Teach For All Youth Ambassador and 2020 Student Leadership Advisory Council Member (Mexico) 
  • Refat Sabbah, President, Global Campaign for Education (Middle East)
  • Winnie Nyandinga, Global Student Forum Representative and Vice President – Commonwealth Students Association (Africa)