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Our Vision

These principles not only define our purpose and future direction but also encapsulate our deep commitment to empowering students and shaping a more equitable and just world.


We affirm that education is a fundamental and universal right. Education has played a key role in the development of countries. Students are key constituents and creators of education planning and development. When we defend the right to free, publicly funded, high-quality, education, we defend the rights of intellectual freedom and people’s desire for equal social and economic opportunity.

Environmental Justice

Science clearly shows that the current way of living is not sustainable. Climate change caused by human activity, over-consumption of natural resources, mass extinction of species, lasting damages caused by pollution and persisting social injustices are well documented.
As ecologists, we are fighting the destruction of the planet and working towards a safe and dignified life for our species in the future.

Human Rights and Solidarity

We come together to urgently develop solidarity and collaboration, in order to achieve educational justice and as allies in a wider struggle for democracy, social justice and human rights.

We do so by building a platform that practices democratic values itself, energising our collective action and building democracy through our own horizontal structure, putting the aspirations and needs of student representative bodies at the forefront of our work. We are committed to serving established student organisations and networks but also to incubating and supporting new groups as they arise.


We understand that feminist politics in student organisations and movements are important for political, economic, personal, and social equality. We recognise the rights of women and girls and stand together with all people because our struggles are interconnected and we are resolute in our fight to uphold the rights of people in every country.


We are united by the beliefs that democratic, representative and independent student movements are essential and that they should be able to operate without repression. We are fighting for free, public, accountable education that guarantees equal opportunity for everyone without discrimination.

We campaign against segregation and defend the rights of the marginalised. We are against war as a means of resolving conflict and are using solidarity as a way to build peace; and we stand for the human rights of the displaced, migrants and people forced to live under occupation.

Global Cooperation

Our cooperation is based on shared values which direct the way we work and what we want to achieve. As student movements, we share a common fight for meaningful participation in the decisions that shape our lives, the future of the societies we live in and the planet we live on.