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Getting to know the Global Student Forum

We are the global umbrella organisation of the world’s major representative, independent and democratic student unions of school and university students.

Getting to know the Global Student Forum
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We represent and advocate for the educational, cultural, economic, and social interests of over 300 million learners worldwide.

With a democratic governance structure, the GSF promotes networking, solidarity, capacity building, cooperation, analysis and strategy, advocacy, and values such as education, feminism, environmental justice, democracy, human rights, and global cooperation. Through collaboration, empowerment, and amplifying student voices, the GSF strives for educational justice, social equality, and the rights of students globally.

To represent the millions of students all over the world, we stand on the shoulders of our membership. With the many member organisations, we seek to balance the enormous diversity of perspectives and advocate faithfully for the collective global student voice.

We base our work on the representational model of the Student Movement. This allows us to make a legitimate claim to be the only democratic and representative voice of students on a global level.

How do we represent students?

Our representation is based on the representational model of the student movement.

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Who are the members?

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What kind of work are we during?

Our leadership each year define a list of strategic priorities.

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Our mission

Our work is defined by a mission to represent students and bring them closer together across the world.

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These principles not only define our purpose and future direction but also encapsulate our deep commitment to empowering students and shaping a more equitable and just world.

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The Global Student Forum has a wide range of partners. Together we tackle the pressing issues that impact students globally, striving for educational justice, social equality, and safeguarding students' rights. If your organization is interested in partnering with the Global Student Forum, contact us now.

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We seek to shape the future, but the past defines our starting point.

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