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18 July

Daily Bangladesh Chitro
চলমান ছাত্র আন্দোলনের প্রতি সংহতি প্রকাশ করেছে বৈশ্বিক ছাত্র সংগঠন গ্লোবাল স্টুডেন্ট ফোরাম। ১৭ জুলাই, মঙ্গলবার রাতে গ্লোবাল স্টুডেন্ট ফোরামের এক বিজ্ঞপ্তিতে

20 June

GRASAG President appointed to steering committee of Global Student Forum
Mr. Emmanuel Owusu, the National President of the Graduate Students Association of Ghana (GRASAG), has been appointed to the Steering Committee of the Global Student Forum (GSF) for the 2024/2025 period. This appointment is historic as Mr. Owusu becomes the first Ghanaian to hold this influential position, representing the interests of African students on a […]

05 June

گزارش مجمع جهانی دانشجویی درباره اعتراضات سراسری ایران: ۷۰ هزار دانشجو در «انقلاب مهسا» شرکت داشتند
مجمع جهانی دانشجویی موسوم به «جی‌اس‌اف» چهارشنبه ۱۶ خرداد، با انتشار گزارشی گفت که بیش از ۷۰ هزار دانشجوی معترض در اعتراضات سراسری سال ۱۴۰۱ در ایران، شرکت داشتند.
گزارش آماری خبرنامه امیرکبیر از سرکوب دانشجویان؛ بیش از هفتاد هزار دانشجو در اعتراضات سراسری شرکت داشتند
راساس گزارشی که چهارشنبه۱۶ خرداد، توسط مجمع جهانی دانشجویی (جی.اس.اف) منتشر شد؛ در طول پاییز ۱۴۰۱ بیش از ۷۰ هزار دانشجو معترض در «جنبش زن، زندگی، آزادی» مشارکت داشتند و بیش از ۳۷۸۹ دانشجو به طرق مختلف مورد سرکوب قرار گرفتند
مجمع جهانی دانشجویی: بیش از ۷۰ هزار دانشجو در خیزش مهسا مشارکت کردند
تازه‌ترین گزارش مجمع جهانی دانشجویی که به تازگی منتشر شده نشان می‌دهد در طول پاییز ۱۴۰۱ بیش از ۷۰ هزار دانشجوی معترض در جنبش «زن، زندگی، آزادی» مشارکت داشتند که از این میان چیزی حدود چهار هزار دانشجو به شیوه‌های مختلف مورد آزار، ایذا و سرکوب قرار گرفتند.
گزارش مجمع جهانی دانشجویان از حضور گسترده دانشجویان ایرانی در «انقلاب مهسا»
براساس گزارشی که چهارشنبه ۱۶ خرداد، توسط مجمع جهانی دانشجویی(GSF) منتشر شد؛ در اعتراضات ۱۴۰۱ بیش از ۷۰ هزار دانشجوی معترض در «جنبش زن،…
مجمع جهانی دانشجویی: شرکت بیش از ۷۰ هزار دانشجو در جنبش مهسا – DW – ۱۴۰۳/۳/۱۶
بنا بر گزارش آماری مجمع جهانی دانشجویی، بیش از ۷۰ هزار دانشجو در اعتراضات سراسری پاییز ۱۴۰۱ شرکت داشته‌اند. نزدیک به ۴۰۰۰ دانشجو نیز هدف انواع سرکوب دستگاه‌های اطلاعاتی و امنیتی جمهوری اسلامی قرار گرفته‌اند.

14 April

مجمع جهانی دانشجویی صدور حکم زندان برای علی رمضانی را محکوم کرد

Radio Farda (Radio Free Europe)

انجمن جهانی دانشجویان محکومیت یک پژوهشگر ایرانی را محکوم کرد
انجمن جهانی دانشجویان در بیانیه‌ای ضمن اعلام همبستگی با علی رمضانی، دانشجوی مهندسی برق دانشگاه امیرکبیر، اقدامات انجام شده علیه او را محکوم کرد.

Voice of America - Iran

11 April

Invest in teachers to ensure quality education for all: European Union supports United Nations recommendations on the profession
Funding education and investing in teachers are key to ensuring the right to education for all and achieving all Sustainable Development Goals. This message was heard loud and clear on April 11 at the Global Gateway High-Level Education Event co-hosted by the European Commission and the Belgian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. The event marked the regional launch of the 59 recommendations put forward by the United Nations High-Level Panel on the Teaching Profession as an action plan and a call to action for governments to end the global teacher shortage.

17 February

Global Launch Event of the Bloomsbury Handbook on Student Politics and Representation
The global launch event of the handbook will take place online on March 22, 2024, from 14:30 to 15:45 (CET: Central European Time) and is organized in collaboration between the Global Student Forum, the International Association of Universities, the Magna Charta Observatory, UNESCO IESALC, and UNESCO GEM.


17 December

COP28 a step forward but ‘much more is needed’: Scientists
Scientists and student leaders say the COP28 commitment to ‘transition away’ from fossil fuels is an important first step but much more is needed…

09 December

COP28 session pushes value of HE sustainability targets
Higher education institutions are strong vehicles to promote societal change so that all populations value and pursue sustainability, but without clea…

17 November

UN ‘concerned’ about inequality in French higher education
Country must address socio-economic and regional inequalities, UN committee advises

30 October

Gambian Attends EU Dialogue Forum On Development – The Standard Newspaper | Gambia
A young prospective Gambian educationist and a member of the Global Student Union Forum (GSF) Steering Committee, Amadou Jobarteh, was among scores of

29 October

Global student body leads sustainability on and off campuses
A global student body is supporting universities around the world to lead societal change that pushes behavioural norms towards more sustainable pract…

07 September

Challenges and best practices for student activists
On the 25 April 2023, our online roundtable event titled ‘Coming Together for Equal Access to Higher Education: An International Exchange of Strategies, Experiences, and Mobilizations’ brought together student activists from diverse backgrounds and regions to discuss the crucial issue of equalising access to higher education. We were thrilled to have four distinguished student speakers from different parts of the world, all active and passionate about the right to education:

10 August

International students exchange and discuss strategies for action on equality in higher education
On 24 April 2023, the Right to Education Initiative (RTE) and the Global Student Forum (GSF) brought together student activists from four different continents, namely: Africa, Latin America, Oceania, and Europe, to share their insights on mobilising for equal access to higher education in different contexts.

18 April

The global student movement demands tax justice for education!
For decades the student movement has demanded quality, universal and free public education; however, student representatives have often seen their demands neglected by politicians hiding behind the excuse of insufficient available funding.

26 February

António Guterres (UN Secretary-General) on the Report of the High-level Panel on the Teaching Profession
Secretary-General’s video message to launch the Report of the High-level Panel on the Teaching Profession.

17 February

Students set their terms for future EU-AU partnerships
Student union leaders across Africa and Europe can engage and influence their governments on the nature of European Union-African Union (EU-AU) partne…

University World News

24 January

International Education Day 2023: “Protect the rights of Afghan women”
News and business analysis for Professionals in International Education


05 November

Closing the student representation gap in global education
While education workers, educational institutions and civil society have been well represented in the governance structures of international education…

08 July

University rector demands release of CEU student in Egypt
The rector of the Central European University, or CEU, has called for the immediate release of a CEU masters student engaged in research into women’…

21 March

Student rights are human rights | Wonkhe
Throughout history, students have been at the forefront when democracy, human rights or academic freedom is threatened.

24 February

Ukraine’s academics appeal for international support
Ukraine’s universities have been told to suspend provision and leading academics are calling for international support following the start of a full…


10 December

Why Europe and the world need a ‘student at risk’ support scheme
Friday 10 December was International Human Rights Day and a fitting occasion to underline that students are a global social group with common interest…

19 November

‘Rethink, reinvent and adapt’, WAHED tells higher education
Higher education can lead the way to recovery from the pandemic, but first it has to ‘rethink, reinvent and adapt’ to better serve its citizens, c…

30 October

World’s biggest conference on equitable HE access, success
The 2021 World Access to Higher Education Day or WAHED online conference is being held on 17 November. ’WAHED 2021: Who will be going to university…

05 July

Global Student to host summit on vaccine justice - Trinidad and Tobago Newsday
The Global Student Forum (GSF) will host the Global Student Summit: Vaccine Justice through Fairness, Trust and Responsibility on July 12. The summit will be held virtually and participants will come from civil society, researchers, the public and student organisations and movements. The event will feature student leaders and cultural content of Trinidad and Tobago,