Membership Criteria 


Student organisations and movements that wish to become a full or consociate member of the GSF must be open and accessible to students from all education institutions in the respective education sector of the country/region, regardless of their political conviction, religion, ethnic or cultural origin, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, social standing or any disability they may have.

  • The organisation is controlled and run by students. This does not exclude students on academic leave, or recent graduates from taking part in the
    organisation, but the major power distribution should lay with actual students.
  • The organisation holds democratic (s)elections and runs on a democratic basis; democratic decisions on day-to-day issues must be ensured.
  • The organisation is representative and built on a solid ground with legitimacy coming from students.
  • The organisation should represent a large number of students and at the same time have at least an ambition to influence national education policies.
  • The organisation is autonomous and independent in decision-making.
  • The organisation’s set of values and objectives are in accordance with GSF’s set of values and objectives.

Organisations and movements that wish to become associate members need to be student led and democratic. The eligibility for associate membership will be assessed by the Steering Committee on a case to case basis.

Membership within the Global Student Forum is free of charge, no membership fees are applied. 


Membership Process 

Organisations and movements that wish to join the Global Student Forum are required to fill the application form below or send their application directly to

Applications will be reviewed and responded to by the Steering Committee within a maximum of three months after an application has been submitted. Feedback on applications will solely be provided through official Global Student Forum email addresses to ensure formality and prevent misinformation or fraud.

In case the application is successful the applying organization will gain the status of candidate member. After approval of the candidate membership, the Steering Committee thoroughly assesses the eligibility of the respective candidate for full, consociate or associate membership. The assessment of eligibility can take up to maximum half a year. The candidacy period must be counted from the day of official approval of candidate membership by an ordinary or extraordinary Steering Committee meeting. 

Candidate member organiations will be informed about the Steering Committee decision in the given timeframe and gain full, consociate or associate membership status with the formal notification of acceptance. They will enjoy the full rights of their membership status upon receival of the confirmation from the Steering Committee. 

Apply for Membership by filling the Questionnaire below!