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Become a Representative

This is your first step towards one of the many fora GSF sends representatives to. Being an official representative comes with trust and responsibilities, and it is not a role that is simply entrusted to anyone who wishes for it. As a representative, you will advocate for GSF's diverse membership.

Become a Representative

Are you ready to apply?

You must always seek to represent the interests of the more than 190 member organisations from more than 125 countries. We take representation seriously and ask that you do the same. We hope that you will support our work, and in return, we promise to help you be the best possible representative.

Please note

This form is only a request to be considered for representational roles. If confirmed, you will gain the opportunity to apply for specific roles. We have this two-step application because:

  • The application process takes time. You need a signed letter of recommendation from a GSF member organisation, and we need to review your application.
  • We want to have the same information on all representatives. This model streamlines the information flow.
  • You should not need to provide the same information multiple times. After being confirmed as a representative, you will be able to quickly apply for any role that comes up, even those with short deadlines.

Is being a representative not the right thing for you?
Become a volunteer in one of our Working Groups. See what groups have open positions, and apply right away! Click here
Communication team profile image Communication team
The Communication team curates Global Student Forums' digital content and prepares publications. It is a small, dedicated team from around the world.