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How to Postgrad #1 | The Postgrad Experience ft. Jenna Barry & Ellen Dixon

The first podcast, run by the GSF's Working Group on Postgraduate Affairs, aims to support and share experiences relevant to postgraduates and research students.

How to Postgrad #1 | The Postgrad Experience ft. Jenna Barry & Ellen Dixon
Photo by Jukka Aalho / Unsplash

The episode features Ellen Dixon and Jenna Barry, scholars and postgraduate student representatives. Ellen, a doctoral scholar in International Relations and Diplomacy, has been involved in postgraduate student representation in New Zealand since 2017. Jenna, a PhD student researching virtual communities of practice for education, has been an active representative in the Union of Students in Ireland.

Both share their journeys and insights into postgraduate representation, highlighting the challenges and responsibilities involved. They emphasize the importance of advocating for fair treatment, resources, and support for postgraduate students. Ellen and Jenna discuss their roles in policy-making and advocacy, stressing the significance of community and representation in enhancing the postgraduate experience.

The conversation covers various aspects of postgraduate life, including stipends, supervision, mental health, and the broader implications of academic freedom and equity. They also discuss the UNESCO policy paper they contributed to, which addresses nurturing the research student experience, supporting the research process, and professional development.

The episode concludes with advice for prospective postgraduate students, emphasizing the need for thorough research, community engagement, and a supportive environment. Both Ellen and Jenna encourage students to pursue their passions while being aware of the challenges and opportunities in postgraduate education.

Overall, the podcast aims to bridge the information gap for students transitioning to postgraduate studies, providing valuable insights and support to help them navigate their research journey.

Communication team profile image Communication team
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