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Introducing the New Steering Committee of the Global Student Forum

The members of next year's Steering Committee have been found.

Introducing the New Steering Committee of the Global Student Forum

The Global Student Forum (GSF) is proud to announce its new Steering Committee members for the term July 2024 to July 2025. This group of leaders brings a wealth of experience, passion, and commitment to advancing the rights and interests of students worldwide.

On June 18th at 2 PM CEST, you can meet them and be part of shaping the upcoming Strategic Priorities of the Global Student Forum.

Here is an introduction to each of the members.

Ana Gvritishvili

Representing the European Students’ Union (ESU), Ana Gvritishvili joins the Steering Committee with extensive experience in higher education and quality assurance. A PhD student in Economics at Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University, Ana has been active within ESU since 2020. She has worked on various key issues, including Quality Assurance, International Mobility, and the European Education Area. Her background includes collaborations with state, non-governmental, and private institutions across Georgia and Europe.

Anna Weinrich

Anna Weinrich represents the Organising Bureau of European School Student Unions (OBESSU). Based in Copenhagen, Denmark, Anna has been a dedicated student representative at both local and international levels. Her previous roles include serving as the international officer for the Union of Danish Upper Secondary School Students and as a board member of OBESSU. Anna’s activism spans multiple layers of student representation, underscoring her commitment to student rights and education.

Francis Azubuike

Francis Azubuike, representing the Commonwealth Students Association (CSA), is a Nigerian student leader with a deep commitment to democracy, ethical leadership, and youth development. His work includes overseeing student representation in 21 Commonwealth Africa Member Countries and participating in high-level Commonwealth meetings. Francis has a solid background in architecture and has been recognized for his contributions to student representation and youth advocacy.

Sabrine Yassine

Sabrine Yassine, from Sydney, Australia, represents the consociate membership. An undergraduate student in Law and Business with a Major in International Business, Sabrine is a passionate advocate for social justice, economic equality, and educational access. Her roles include serving as the Welfare Officer of the National Union of Students in Australia, leading campaigns on cultural and gender diversity, student health, and socioeconomic challenges.

Emmanuel Owusu

Representing the All-Africa Students Union (AASU), Emmanuel Owusu brings expertise in policy analysis and development. As the National President of the Graduate Students Association of Ghana (GRASAG), he is known for his leadership and commitment to driving socio-economic reforms. Emmanuel's work includes shaping policy initiatives and advocating for national progress through various media platforms in Africa.

Felix Sesay

Felix Sesay represents the Associate Membership and has a background in the Tertiary Refugee Students’ Network (TRSN). A Sierra Leonean refugee based in Ghana, Felix is an advocate for refugee education and gender equality. His activism includes significant contributions to the ‘Together for Learning’ campaign and work with the United Nations Populations Fund and Planned Parenthood Association. Felix's dedication to community volunteerism highlights the transformative power of education.

Communication team profile image Communication team
The Communication team curates Global Student Forums' digital content and prepares publications. It is a small, dedicated team from around the world.