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Launch of The Bloomsbury Handbook of Student Politics and Representation in Higher Education

We are proud to announce the launch of “The Bloomsbury Handbook of Student Politics and Representation in Higher Education,” a groundbreaking resource edited by Dr. Manja Klemenčič.

Launch of The Bloomsbury Handbook of Student Politics and Representation in Higher Education

Now accessible open access and free of charge, this comprehensive handbook provides an unprecedented global overview of student political engagement and representation in higher education institutions. With contributions from over seventy scholars and student leaders worldwide, it offers fresh insights into the proactive roles students play in shaping educational and societal structures. This publication stands as a pivotal achievement in the study of higher education governance, politics, and the empowering influence of student activism and leadership.

Press Release

The highly anticipated release of The Bloomsbury Handbook of Student Politics and Representation in Higher Education” marks a significant milestone in academia. Edited by Dr. Manja Klemenčič, a leading scholar in the field, this comprehensive handbook offers a global perspective on student political agency, representation, and impact in higher education (HE).

For the first time ever, this handbook provides a comprehensive, comparative account of student politics and representation across twenty-five countries and five transnational HE governance regimes. It challenges established scholarship by emphasizing the proactive role of students in shaping HE institutions and societies.

This handbook is a major contribution to the study of HE, HE politics, and HE governance,” said Klemenčič. “It offers ample evidence that students are not merely passive recipients of education but active agents who can influence HE structures and policies.”

The publication is the result of unprecedented research collaboration involving established scholars and student leaders from across the globe. Over seventy contributors, of whom 57 are current or former student leaders, provided in-depth analyses of student politics and representation in their respective regions. Unlike in much of traditional scholarship, student leaders are not merely objects of investigation, but researchers contributing entire chapters.

Sebastian Berger, Executive Director of the Global Student Forum, highlighted the significance of the collaboration: “This handbook underscores the importance of empowering student leaders to conduct research and evidence-based advocacy. It represents a celebration of quality culture in student unionism and will serve as a crucial resource for various stakeholders and many generations of student leaders to come given that it is freely available online under open access license.” 

The handbook covers various facets of student politics and representation, including student activism, student governments, and the dynamics of HE governance. It also offers revised and novel conceptual frameworks for studying student politics in a global context.

I am immensely proud of the dedication and contributions of all involved in this project,” Klemenčič remarked. “This handbook will serve as a vital resource for future studies and inspire new avenues of research in student politics and representation.”

The Bloomsbury Handbook of Student Politics and Representation in Higher Education is now available online for free. For more information and to access the handbook, visit:

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