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New Publication: Higher Education for Refugees

In an era where education determines future prospects more than ever, the Global Student Forum stands firm in its belief: Education is not just a privilege, it’s a fundamental human right.

New Publication: Higher Education for Refugees

This conviction is the cornerstone of our latest initiative, advocating for the right to education, especially for those who find themselves in the most challenging circumstances.

The plight of refugees – individuals displaced by conflict, persecution, or environmental disasters – remains a focal concern. For these vulnerable populations, access to education is often severely compromised. Recognizing this, the Global Student Forum is committed to ensuring that these fundamental rights are not just preserved, but actively promoted.

Our collaborative approach, involving our global network of members, is dedicated to enhancing accessibility, inclusivity, and the overall quality of higher education. The goal is clear: education for all, regardless of circumstance or background.

Delve deeper into our commitment and strategies by reading our comprehensive position paper.


Communication team profile image Communication team
The Communication team curates Global Student Forums' digital content and prepares publications. It is a small, dedicated team from around the world.