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The History of the Student Movement

The session will provide an overview of the history and development of national student organisations and examine the successes and failures of global student cooperation over the past century.

The History of the Student Movement
About the speaker
Mike Day is a Learning and Development Consultant, Day graduated from Lancaster University in Ancient History and holds Diplomas in Training Management and Genealogy/History of the Family. He has over forty years’ experience of working within the student movement at a local, national and international level.

The session will look at the way in which student leadership has brought about positive social change and emphasise the importance of solidarity between national student organisations.

By the end of the session participants will be able to: explain how and why some national student organisations emerged when they did and reflect on why previous attempts to create a student international have largely failed. We will identify the role of student movements in furthering other social movements and appreciate the importance of international solidarity between national student organisations while celebrating examples of student led solidarity action.

This lecture laid the foundation for the GSF series on the History of the Student Movement. Explore the series here.

History of the Student Movement - Global Student Forum
Explore the fascinating history of international student movements, from early organizations like the 1898 International Federation of Students to Cold War-era bodies such as the IUS and ISC. Discover how regional groups like OCLAE and AASU emerged, leading to the creation of the Global Student Forum. This journey highlights the enduring spirit of student activism and its role in addressing global issues. Dive into this legacy of solidarity and advocacy shaping our world today.
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