Global Student Forum

Working Groups

Stronger Together

The Global Student Forum Working Groups bring together exceptionally talented and experienced student leaders from the regional and national member organisations to lead on the political portfolios defined by the Steering Committee. Working Group members were carefully selected according to regional and gender balance. The mandate of the Working Groups is active till July 2022. 

Working Group for Communication  

The Working Group aims to harmonise the communication and social media efforts of the GSF and its membership in relation to issues of global concern, setting the agenda and planning dissemination for joint campaigns, activities and actions. Working Group members advice the Steering Committee and Secretariat on strategic questions related to communication and act as direct links to the communication teams of the member platforms and organisations. 

Dulmani Atapattu

Dulmani Atapattu is a 22 year old Sri Lankan Youth Advocate and a strong believer in promoting multicultural understanding and goodwill among the youth. She is a third year undergraduate, pursuing political science at the University of Delhi, India. She is involved in the Student Union, the Women’s Development and Gender Sensitization Cell & the Queer Collective, the International Students’ Society of her College. She is also a member of the Executive Committee of the not-for-profit youth organization Global Youth in India. Dulmani looks forward to connecting and providing opportunities to student leaders across all GSF platforms.

Emer Neville

Emer Neville is an 18 year old youth activist from Ireland with a passion for changing the  world around her. She’s an avid social media user and enjoys creating content for all  platforms. Emer previously served as the Communications Officer of the Irish Second-Level Students’ Union (ISSU) for the 20/21 term and has since then been elected as President of the organisation  for the 21/22 term. She has been involved with the ISSU since 2018 and also representing students on a regional, national and international level ever since. Emer is looking forward to increasing the visibility of the Global Student Forum during her  time on the Communications Working Group and sharing the importance of student voice far and wide!

    Giedon Odame Agyiri

    Gideon Odame Agyiri is a youth activist and a student leader who has so much passion for advocacy and diplomacy. He is a professional translator, a prolific communicator, a tax administrator and a local governance expert with several years’ experience. 

    Once upon a time, he was the International Relations Officer of the National Union of Ghana Students, Executive member of International Students Association, among others. He has since 2014 volunteered for the All-Africa Students Union as a translator and International Organizing Committee member of the annual Africa Students and Youth Summit. Gideon holds a Master’s Degree in Local Government Administration and Organization from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Bachelor’s Degree in Translation from the University of Ghana and a Degree in French Studies from Université d’Abomey-Calavi



    Andreas Silume Nghipangelwa Sheya

    Andreas Silume Nghipangelwa Sheya is a Namibian youth activist and Communication and Public Relations professional. He currently serves as a Technical Advisor in the Namibia National Students Organisation and responsible for coordination of Regional leaderships, Regional Working Committees and Branches. And as a Board Member of I am Voting Namibia and an ordinary member of the Namibia Youth on Renewable Energy and Young Achievers. 

    He holds a Diploma in Business Management from Amity University, India, a Bachelor Degree in Communication from the Namibia University of Science and Technology and currently pursuing an Honours Degree in Business Management from the same university. Andreas is apolitical and does not have membership of any political party, he is a pioneer of the Sustainable Development, having been a staunch activist for Quality, Accessible Education (SDG4), his advocacy includes Climate change, Youth Empowerment, Agriculture, Corporate Governance, Peace and Security.

    Nick Oluoch

    Nick Oluoch ia a Programs officer, Communications and Outreach at LAVIN, a Non-Governmental Organization based in Kenya where his duties include developing and implementing communication strategies to support the organizations operations, branding as well as preparation of communication materials to be used by the organization. He also organize corporate and special public relations activities for the organization. He counts with six years of experience working as a news reporter with The Standard newspapers, a local daily. After his Bachelor of Education, English and Literature graduate from Kenyatta University, he is currently pursuing his MSc Communication Studies at Rongo University. He has also attended expanded his communications ability while he did a Journalism Fellowship at the Radio Netherlands Training Centre in Amsterdam, that envolved a lot of multimedia and internet work, as well as taking a course on Business and Financial Reporting from Reuters Foundation. 

    He has also worked at Longhorn Publishers Kenya as a sub editor. He is also a life member of The Kenya Red Cross Society as well as Rotary Club of Suna Migori where he is the PR Director. 

    Working Group for Environmental Justice

    The Working Group for Environmental Justice is leading on issues related to climate action and sustainable development.
    It supports and informs the Environmental Justice work of the Global Student Forum, including policy development and creation of campaigns while helping with the facilitation of sustainability related events and capacity building efforts. Working Group members furthermore engage in strategic discussions around pushing the global climate justice movement forward with students as a key stakeholders in the discourse.

    Mirabel Ntali

    She is a PhD research fellow and Part Time Instructor teaching in the master degree programme in Disaster Risk Management and Safety at the Department of Environmental Science, University of Buea, Cameroon. She is particularly interested in issues of environmental sustainability, sociology, and disaster risk reduction and management. 

    She is a proactive professional, with experience in teaching, coordinating and organization gained as an Administrative and Research Assistant. She is focused on promoting and advocating for Environmental Justice for a safe, sustainable environment for both human and non-humans and their wellbeing. And also interested in Disaster Risk Reduction through capacity build and community outreach.


    Alex Rajesh

    He is a fresh graduate in English Literature from Ramjas College, University of Delhi. Been indulged with the environmental activities during college time, he presumes that youth must ponder upon Environmental Justice. Besides, he is into entrepreneurship and study cinema on his own. 

    There are organisations that he has worked with intensively and helped because of his networking amongst students’ community at different universities in India. Although, he likes to be associated with government agencies which frame policies where he can contribute to environmental justice.

      Working Group for Education for All

      The Working Group for Education for all is responsible for  developing campaign strategies to create awareness for the impact of the education crisis on students from low-income backgrounds by exposing the digital divide that exists globally. It  furthermore contribute to combating commodification and privatisation tendencies in education by exposing student debt and rising tuition fees. 

      Elina Mohan

      Elina is a rising junior at the British School in New Delhi, India. She became passionate about providing access to a quality education for all after realizing how was the situation in the country. She witnessed children out of school begging on her city’s streets, children not having access to proper educational tools, young girls her age being married off instead of being sent to school; all these situations deeply impacted Elina, she wanted to make a difference herself. Last year, in order to improve access to holistic education, she started an initiative that included tutoring more than 150 children; distributing 200 educational care packages with essential educational tools; creating a library with donated books in a government school; as well as fundraising to purchase smart devices, that ensured that children from disadvantaged backgrounds were able to access education during the pandemic and improve their skills. She has also been helping teachers from government schools create tools that could help students to understand the information in the online environment. She looks forward to facilitating dialogue and taking action to ensure that every student gets an equal opportunity to pursue their dreams.

        Angel Canal

        Angel Canal is a passionate biologist specialising in bioinformatics and neurobiology. His experience in student representation stems from his years as the Secretary General of the Student Council of the University of Salamanca and his involvement in the European Students Union through his position as the Coordinator of the International Affairs Committee of CREUP. His areas of interest focus on quality assurance and the development of regulations and policies for the homogenisation of university studies and the simplification of access to such studies.


        Gérard Musabanganji

        Gérard Musabanganji is currently the President of Burundi National Students Union (BNSU), an organisation he founded three years ago. Gérard is an executive and a founding member together with the other youth from ten Eastern Africa Countries of the Eastern Africa Students and Youth Organization (EASYO) headed in Addis Ababa, where he is serving as the Secretary for Press and Information. Member of the Constitutional Review Committee in All Africa Students Union (AASU), he presented youth and students in many different regional, continental and/or international meetings and conferences. Gérard led a considerable amount of projects in Burundi: The 100 Million Campaign (founded by the Nobel Prize Laureate Kailash Satyarthi) to advocate for Children’s rights, especially for the marginalised: and the UN global Peace Intergenerational Dialogue in Bujumbura, where he was certified as a Global Citizen. He is strongly passionate in leadership, human rights and youth empowerment.

        Sherine Omondi

        She is a policy enthusiast, she advocates for education for the young people in formal education and skill development and she is also a community mobilizer. At the grass root level she mobilizes and motivates young people who have graduated from secondary school level education to get alternatives, in skill development at the Village polytechnics TVET, if not selected to join universities and colleges. 

        She served as a student leader in charge of Academics. And she holds a bachelor’s degree in Education Arts from Moi University. 

        Abu Bakar Ali

        Abu Bakar Ali is a 2nd year General Engineering student at Technical University of Denmark. He is a member of the International Committee at Danske Studerendes Fællesråd, which is a national interest organization for students in Denmark. It is a community based on principles and actions, which work at the public level, towards politicians and other stakeholders to ensure the best conditions for students in Denmark.

        On 2021, he joined the Global Student Forum, being currently part of the Working Group for Education for All team.


        Wesam AlbdElhamid Mohamed

        Wesam is currently serving as the Deputy Chairperson of the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS). CFS is the largest student organization in Canada representing over 530,000 students in post-secondary institutions across Canada. Wesam graduated with his Masters of Engineering Science as an international student in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Western University, Canada. Wesam has served two terms as the Vice-President Advocacy for the Society of Graduate Students, a graduate student-run organization representing over 6300 graduate students at Western. Wesam has pushed various projects forward at Western, including, Student-Supervisor Memorandum of Understanding and an Emergency Bursary Pilot Program. Moreover, he served as an elected representative of the CFS National Executive as the International Students’ Commissioner and the Chairperson for the CFS-National Graduate Caucus.


        Doh Josepha Munkongho

        Doh Josepha Munkongho is from Cameroon. She is a young vibrant graduate from the University of Yaounde I, Cameroon in Microbiology with a minor in Medical Laboratory Technologies. Doh Josepha has a great passion for health and education. She is currently engaged in community health a program’s coordinator in a Local Organization that works in the domain of HIV/AIDS. She is also a member of various associations that promote and empower the girl child and provide assistance to the needy.

        Dating from her secondary school days, she has always been involved with the students’ government body either by being part of it or by assisting from a distance. Doh Josepha strongly believes in good leadership as a means to shape a better tomorrow.

          Lucas Guio

          Lucas Guio is an English teacher and Languages student. He graduated in Technology of Business Management from FATEC – Faculdade de Tecnologia do Estado de São Paulo (Technology College of the Sao Paulo State). During this period, Lucas Guio took part in the student’s movement. As former Vice-President of the Central Directory of Students from FATEC, which represents more than 80,000 students, Lucas Guio fought for and, along with the whole group, conquered the first Student’s Assistance at FATEC, a State scholarship program for students, in 2018. He is the first and actual President of the Municipal Committee of UJS – União da Juventude Socialista (the Youth Socialist Union), the current organization in the Presidency of the National Union of Students in Brazil. In 2021, Lucas Guio became the co creator of a Municipal Law Project that looks forward to distributing electronic devices for students that can’t have the access of technology during the pandemic, so they can keep studying during online classes. He is now fighting for the approval of this project.


          Working Group for Covid-19

          The Working Group for COVID-19 is developing position papers on public policy and educational issues related to COVID-19.
          It organised a worldwide student  summit to engage student organisations and movements on a fair and just vaccination programme and promotes human rights through solidarity campaigns in response to repressive actions by governments during the pandemic. It furthermore works on
          archiving critical interventions and positions by student leaders responding to education and development issues on COVID-19.

          Duchel Jeanedvi Kinouani Kinavouidi

          Duchel Jeanedvi Kinouani Kinavouidi is currently the president of “Association des étudiants de la Faculté des Sciences et Techniques” de l’Université Marien N’GOUABI from Republic of Congo. He is a phD student in Biochemistry and Applied Microbiology. He campaigns for the promotion of scientific research as a lever for the socio-economic development, founder and CEO of IRSBC NGO, member of AASU. He is a researcher on biochemistry. He does research in bacteria pathogenicity phenomenon and molecular characterization. He is an advocate for student rights, activist for the empowerment of young people and commited to the fight against Covid-19 in Congo.

            Enrique Montero Mora

            He is a political scientist and data analyst, in recent months he has carried out an analysis and monitoring program of the evolution of COVID-19 in Spain. He has also participated in the segmentation and analysis of the electorate part of different electoral campaigns. He is very committed to the student movement, having been involved since high school.

            Martin Plasek

            Martin Plasek is a 18 years old secondary student from the Czech Republic. He started his student activist life at primary school; now he is a Board Member at the Czech Secondary Students’ Union and International Officer at OBESSU (Organising Bureau of European School Student Unions). At OBESSU he is also a member of COVID-19 Task Force, which is one of his focused topics. The others are mainly sexual education, gender equality and international relationships at ČSU; it is his strong belief that students’ voices should be represented not only locally or nationally, but also internationally.

            Working Group for Gender Justice

            The group is working to advance the GSF’s impact in terms of advocacy, networking and capacity building related to empowering women and girls in education, creating safe spaces as well as gender support and response mechanisms within the organisational structure of the Global Student Forum. It furthermore is responsible for the facilitation of the annual GSF Women in Leadership Forum hosted for the first time in November 2021. 

            Annet Otago

            Annet Otago is a 23 year old lady from Kenya. She attended the University of Nairobi where she obtained her degree in Law in 2020. Currently, she is at the Kenya School of Law and hopes to practice law after her admission to the bar as an advocate. Annet is currently a member of “Young Women 4 Kenya”, an organization aimed at uplifting young women both in rural and urban sectors through political and economic empowerment. She has also passionately done campaigns around the country aimed at ending teenage pregnancies, advocating for better menstrual health and championing for equal treatment of women in political and economic spaces among others.

            Through this programme, she looks forward to laying emphasis and championing policies that revolve around the rights and welfare of young women around the globe.

              Gracy Singh

              Gracy is a final year Political Science student at Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi. As her academic background suggests, she is deeply interested in politics, international relations, human rights and is a strong proponent of gender equality.

              Consequently, she has been involved with a number of organisations ,like that of AIESEC, Net Impact, Global Youth, Girl Up, etc,wherein she has worked on projects focusing on quality education, sustainable businesses , climate change as well as issues related to gender. Apart from her academic background, she is an extrovert and looks forward to enriching experiences in life.


              Mary Ojwang

              Mary Ojwang is currently studying a Masters in Development studies in the University of Nairoby, after having graduated in Ba Economics. She is the Youngest Women Representant Aspirant in 2017 National elections. Currently, inspiring more young women (under 35 years) to undertake political leadership.

              She is involved in associations that take action to achieve gender justice such as Africa Youth Trust, Women Students Mentorship Association, All Africa Students Union and Global Students Forum. She led several successful campaigns in Africa: on Hygiene Behaviour Change and Communication (2021) under Youth Trust, the Girls Back to School campaign post Covid 19 (2020), under WOSWA, and the Zero teenage pregnancy (2018).


              Sandra Beyeler

              Sandra Beyeler is a 30 year old Paralegal living and working in Zurich, Switzerland. After many years of working in the law industry, she decided to study law herself and holds now a Bachelor degree in Law- She currently follows a master programme in law at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. After her studies, she plans on building a career as litigator in the field of human rights and immigration law. 

              Being both politically and socially active, she strives towards creating a liberal-minded, inclusive and non-abusive culture for students and people all around the world. Her main focus hereby are female rights and the abolishment of both racial and sexual discrimination. 

              She started engaging in the student’s movement recently, hoping to significantly make a difference for students all over the globe.

              Brigid Siantei

              Brigid Siantei is 23 years old and is currently working in the programs department at Jonathan Jackson Foundation where she implements programs on economic empowerment of women, youth and people abled differently. Brigid is passionate about inclusion of women and youth in leadership and decision making processes. She has previously worked in the Programs Department of a women’s rights organisation called Women’s Empowerment Link (WEL); that advances the rights of women and girls and has also worked at FIDA-Kenya in the women and governance department. Brigid is the founder of Tumjenge Msichana Initiative, an initiate that focuses on women and girls empowerment. She is also the donations and funding facilitator at Tunza sports academy, that uses sports to eradicate poverty and achieve academic success. She is a YALI (Young Africans Leadership Initiative), alumni, an ELF (Emerging Leaders Foundation), fellow and a former student leader at Moi University, Kenya. She holds a bachelors degree in Sociology from Moi University Lastly.

              Working Group for Equality

              Differences in regional development and the unequal distribution of resources globally produce economic inequalities. These inequalities influence student participation in education and education itself. The Working Group is raising attention for the need to guarantee economic protections for the most marginalised and vulnerable. Expanding government funding for education is necessary but insufficient without a wider analysis and contribution to the global dialogue on economic fairness and equality. Issues such as global wealth inequality, fair taxation regimes, gender disparities in pay and the right to organise in unions are at the core of this group’s efforts. 

              Aryan Rana

              Aryan Rana is a third-year undergraduate at SGTB Khalsa, University of Delhi. He is currently a delegate at Global Youth India and is keen on working in the social development sector. He has experience in working with NGOs in the field of rural management. In April 2021, his Covid-19 Relief team got featured in Forbes India and BBC London as well. With a background in Economics and Mathematics, Aryan is highly engaged in how bringing creative insights into the not-for-profit sector can accelerate social impact. He is extremely competitive and focuses on being the best, whether it’s cracking competitions or just petty arguments around the workplace, Aryan always goes for the big win.

              Coming up with a new idea with huge potential is great, but implementing it and making it a success is his main goal here. Apart from this, he is always up for movie dates.


                Shiwani is a second year student pursuing her undergraduation in Political Science honours from Dyal Singh College,University of Delhi. You can describe her as a devoted daydreamer who constantly thinks about these little things to do and dreams to achieve which makes her happy and all giggly. She can be called as those pretty sunflowers for radiating positivity, strength, happiness and desire to seek light and truth. Well,knock on wood. She believes in the supremacy of expressing her feelings,emotions,words,dissent on different themes, connecting with the world and diversity of its people and seeking what is important to make everyday better. Shiwani is having too much on her plate right now, which you’ll get to know once she joins you all and just an honorable mention, she is looking forward to be a part of this forum’s journey. 


                Working Group for Democracy, Human Rights and Solidarity

                The Working Group is operating as an effective mechanism for political communication and collaboration among student organisations and movements to scale local and regional actions of solidarity to the global level. It develops strategic partnerships with human rights organisations to enhance the political capacity of student organisations and movements in regard to monitoring and reporting on the state of democratic governance in a global context. It furthermore plays a crucial role in creating and educating a cadre of student journalists for the promotion of democracy, human rights and solidarity.

                Jacktone Nengo Ouma

                Jacktone Nengo is a lawyer and a Trainee advocate at the Kenya school of law. Currently he is attached to the firm of Gumbo and Associates LLP in Kenya as a Legal Assistant. Besides, he is a Student Fellow at System Acumen for Youth Led Development Solutions (SAYDS). He has a rich background and experience in Human rights Law, Intellectual Property Law, Tax Consultancy, Real Estate and General Corporate. He is also a postgraduate student at Alphax College pursuing a professional certification as a Certified Public Accountant. He is motivated to impact his society and the world at large at every opportunity present. He shares the view that with equality, the world could be a better place again.


                Ongaya Mulobi

                Ongaya Mulobi is a Masters Student of Public Policy and Research passionate about governance, social justice, gender equality and public policy. She is the Campaign spokesperson for CampusMeToo, a Pan-African student led movement that aims to end sexual harassment from staff to students in higher learning institutions. She is currently working with Youth Changers Kenya in enhancing feminist leadership and gender equality. She is also a member of NARC Kenya party in the country.

                Henry Wright

                Henry Wright is an 18-year old writer, humanitarian, and refugee advocate from New York City. While studying abroad in Rome, Henry volunteered alongside Syrian refugees in a kitchen created to support the local Syrian refugee community.  Since then, through the processes of the 100 Million Campaign, Henry has been an outspoken advocate for the rights of refugees worldwide. 

                In 2020, as a result of his experiences in activism, Henry was elected to the Executive Committee of Education Cannot Wait, making him the first young person democratically elected to a governing body of a global humanitarian fund to represent the voice of the youth. At ECW, Henry now represents over 80 youth-led organizations from across Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Americas. Additionally, Henry has worked for numerous political campaigns in New York, as well as the U.S. Department of Defense’s Language Regional Expertise and Cultural Program. He also edits the political journal Transnational Politics, through which he conducts bi-monthly interviews.


                Tanguy Guibert

                Tanguy Guibert is a 25 year old student and activist from France. He began his commitment in the student movement in the French union of student nurses and then as president of its local union in his city of study. Currently, he is the international officer of the first national union of students of France (FAGE) he is working with his team to improve living & studying conditions of students. 

                Over the past 5 years, Tanguy worked a lot to fight student precariousness and access to education for all at all levels. He is studying international political science, he took a gap year to be fully dedicated to the student movement.



                Vitus Mayr

                Vitus Mays studies Global Studies at Lund University in Sweden. He just graduated from Geography and Ethnology in Bamberg, Germany, which is where he started student activism, too. As a student representative and unionist, he was working in ecological, antifascist, socialist and feminist initiatives towards a better reality for all students at his University and beyond. Supporting festivals, subculture and being part of the small but proud queer community in his town were among his activities.

                With the free association of student bodies (FZS) he is working on international networking, solidarity campaigns, critical sciences and civic organizing. Grassroots education has a special place in his political work, there he is practicing as a professional trainer on plenty of topics with the International Union of Socialist Youth (IUSY) and the International Falcon Movement – Socialist Education International (IFM-SEI).