GSF Academy Module 2 Lesson 1: “Environmental Justice, Sustainable Development and the SDGs”

by | Apr 8, 2022 | GSF ALA Recordings, News

On Sunday 6th of March, Antonia Wulff, Education International Director of Research, Policy and Advocacy, and Alex Rafalowicz, policy analyst, campaigner, organiser and strategist for climate justice; were the speakers for the inauguration of the new module of the GSF Academy: “Environmental Justice, Sustainable Development and the SDGs”.

The session was about the history of climate and environmental justice principles and demands, particularly at an international level and how these impacted, or were impacted by, students. The aim is to look at how these demands were taken up, reflected in, and/or ignored in major international environmental legal instruments and policymaking, considering the next frontier for international climate justice demands – a fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty. It furthermore explored the history of the Sustainable Development Goals, the process that led to their adoption and the state of play when it comes to achieving the SDGs.